The steps you can take to show you’re ready for a more senior role

Lee Griffith
2 min readJun 22, 2022


You shouldn’t wait until you secure that next role, start proving that you can do the job now.

Today I wanted to talk a bit about preparing for that next leadership position. More specifically, how can you prove that you are ready for the next step?

It’s something that’s been coming up in discussions I’ve had recently, I talk about it with clients who are aspiring to move further up the ladder, and we’ve covered it many a time during our discussions on Take the Lead.

Often what I see are people who think they have to wait until they are in the role before they can demonstrate they can do it. That’s a myth. The best way to prepare and show you can do the role is to start behaving that way now… show that you already have the skills and behaviours that are needed at that level.

Put yourself forward for new opportunities. Are there projects you can show your leadership potential or creative thinking? Looking beyond your area of expertise will build and broaden your knowledge and experience.

Start engaging 1:1 with people of influence. It raises your visibility and can show you have thoughts and opinions that are of value.

Know your ‘elevator pitch’ (aka your personal brand statement). This is your easy to articulate one or two-liner that explains how you help others. Get comfortable saying it. Use it in your CV, your social media bios and wherever else you need.

Listen and learn. Showing you’re ready for the next step doesn’t mean you have to show that you know it all. Instead, it’s about learning from feedback — personally and organisationally. Listening, empathy, communication are all core skills that the greatest leaders continually work on.

Remember it’s just a title. Demonstrating your values and acting with integrity will build credibility far quicker than changing your role.

All of this is part of your personal leadership brand. And it’s what sets you apart from the crowd.

If you need help to identify and develop your leadership brand, why not book a strategy day.

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