The CEO juggle is real

Lee Griffith
2 min readJun 8, 2022


Being CEO is like being the ultimate conductor in the orchestra don’t you think?

Sure, you have their area of expertise. That’s how you progressed up the ladder.

But once you’re at the top it’s less about how much you know in one topic and more about how many areas you can know at least something of.

It’s about cajoling and coordinating everyone else.

Getting them to play the same tune, at the same pace, so that other people can make sense of what you’re doing.

You are the face of your organisation and everybody will look to you to represent them and their work.

Your skills at any one time will require you to:
- set the direction
- get all your people aligned
- engage with your Board and stakeholders
- communicate with clarity
- manage yourself effectively.

It’s a big responsibility to execute. And failure to do so appropriately can leave your teams disillusioned and your communities confused.

That’s why I feel strongly about leaders working on these skills as early as possible in their career, and not leaving it until they are in the coveted top spot.

And it’s why my IMPACT framework is as relevant to an aspiring CEO as it is to someone moving into their first, second or third position.



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